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Penhall Scanning Accuracy

[Penhall] was a huge factor in ensuring our coring program was a success and most of that is a direct reflection of the accuracy of your [Penhall] scanning.

Tim Forster, Foreman- Modern Niagara
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Concrete Cutting, Coring, GPR Scanning and X-Ray

Penhall was founded in 1957 and has become the largest and most trusted provider of concrete cutting, GPR scanning and X-Ray services in North America. We offer an extensive range of options to help customers from homeowners to the largest industrial companies.

Concrete Cutting

Flat Sawing

With our flat saws, we can cut anywhere from 0-26 inches deep through both asphalt and concrete. Our saws cut with horsepower at an output of 44 to 90 hp. with a max speed of 15000 rpm.

Wall Sawing

Generally used for HVAC openings, doorway openings, and et cetera, our wall saws are precise. They can be operated remotely and can cut anywhere from 25-33 inches deep without overcuts, which is especially useful in large jobs like nuclear power plants or a dams where the concrete is extremely thick and otherwise difficult to penetrate.

Wire Sawing

We use wire sawing when our other saws aren’t as well suited for the job. Our wire saws use a pulley system that pulls our diamond-infused wire and subsequently cuts whatever we need it to. Generally, we would wrap the wire around a pipe or box in order to cut it, and if we can wrap the wire around an object, it can be cut.

Hand Sawing

We utilize a variety of handsaws ranging from electric, gas, and hydraulic powered. Primarily used for small spaces, corners, and small openings, we use handsaws generally inside to cut concrete at slabs around 14x14 and 16x16.

Concrete Breaking and Removal

We provide an extensive range of concrete breaking and removal services for projects for homeowners to commercial and industrial customers. We frequently use backhoes and bobcats to complete your demo which is more efficient on a smaller scale while still getting the job done right. Every Penhall branch has experienced professionals and a fleet of modern best in-class equipment.

Concrete Coring

In order to core concrete, we use a drill motor that has a diamond infused core bit. In the LA Basin area, we have drilled a core 66 inches in diameter, and can drill anywhere from 50-100 feet deep with the use of continuous tubing technology.

Concrete Scanning

At Penhall, we use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in order to scan concrete before we cut or core. This allows us to avoid rebar, post tension cables, conduit, pipes, and wires to provide the safest and most precise cut. Ground Penetrating Radar is a mature & cost effective technology for concrete imagery and it requires only access from one side of the slab.

Utility Locating

We can locate service utilities such as gas lines, sewer lines, underground storage tanks and PVC pipes and communications lines on private residential, commercial or industrial properties. Additionally, we can estimate the depth of metallic and non-metallic objects using GPR.

X-Ray Imaging

With our state of the art radiography equipment, we can provide concrete x-ray imaging to give the clearest indication of hidden objects and hazards before cutting or coring commences on any project.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Protect against damages from earthquakes and natural disasters by having Penhall apply fiber reinforced polymer to your existing structures. This durable, non-intrusive solution is a valuable component of any seismic retrofit plan.


Bridge Services

Penhall has extensive experience of providing bridge services and repairs in high-profile, traffic congested areas. We have the expertise to recognize problems and devise safe, affordable solutions that will preserve the life of bridges and increase the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Concrete Diamond Grinding

Penhall is the largest provider of concrete grinding services in North America.

  • We offer Mainline Grinding to ensure that highways and pavements meet tolerance requirements.
  • We also offer “corrective grinding” at Penhall to help finish pavements and provide a cost effective solution to create a smooth finish for our customers and eliminate unsafe surface bumps.

Concrete Grooving

With the use of G-38 and PC-3000 Highway Groovers, we make all kinds of pavement safer. We provide grooving for airports, highways, and bridges, providing a smoother, quieter ride for drivers while simultaneously increasing traction, eliminating otherwise necessary tapers and lane closures, and decreasing the danger of hydroplaning.


Structural demolition is a tough and often dangerous job. However, Penhall Company makes sure that we do the job quickly, professionally, and most importantly, safely. We employ robotic hammering techniques and deploy large excavators to demolish structures industrial and commercial, maritime, and public, and tear down anything from harbors and ports to bridges and highways, and even nuclear power plants.


Our service branches offer an extensive range of equipment for the construction industry. Fulfill your rental needs with the same quality and service you've come to expect from Penhall.

Whether it's for grinding and grooving a highway, or construction equipment rental, concrete contractors depend on Penhall for our safe, reliable, high-quality concrete expertise.

  • Commitment
    to Safety

    We cut concrete, not corners. Penhall puts the safety of its team and its customers first. Penhall has cultivated a culture of safety through:

    • Consistent, comprehensive training
    • Mentorship
    • Strategic planning
    • Safety conferences
    • A safety-first leadership team

    As a result, we maintain one of the best safety records in the industry.

  • Established

    Penhall has been the industry’s go-to concrete contractor and construction equipment rental provider since 1957.Our dedicated team is rigorously trained to handle any situation and has the know-how to complete any job - no matter how complex or time-sensitive.

  • Reliable

    From a clean, organized work site, to performing work on-time and on-budget, Penhall consistently gets the job done with speed and accuracy.

    For over five decades, Penhall has built a solid reputation for providing high-quality concrete scanning, cutting, coring, and breaking services.

    Our customers know that they’ll get the concrete services they need, when they need them.

  • Responsive

    Penhall has the capabilities and the crew to get your job done right—anytime, anywhere.

    By investing over $15 million in trucks and service equipment annually, Penhall can ensure that our operators are prepared to keep the job moving, with the lowest level of downtime in the industry.